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March 15, 2012
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Team Gold-Fire Application: Gen 2 by SpiritoftheGauntlets Team Gold-Fire Application: Gen 2 by SpiritoftheGauntlets
Team for :iconpmd-explorers:.

Completed Missions/Events (in timeline order):

Event 3, Doctor's Orders: [link]
Mission 4, Sneasel Side-Quest: [link]
Event 4, Snowflake Gifts: [link]
Mission 5, Distract Sorbet and Tunnel Reclamation: [link]
Event 6, Temporal Terraforming: [link]
Event 6.2, Temporal TerrorForming: [link]
Aftermath: [link]
Mission 7 (???): [link]
Event 7: [link]

Treasure Hunting #1: [link]
Moondust Gathering: [link]

Extras (also in timeline order):
Event 3 Reward: [link]
Event 4 Aftermath (as of m5, no longer canon): [link]
Egg Hatch: [link]
Mama's Helper: [link]


Mischievous mama's boy. Schläger decided from the moment he hatched that Shätzi was his mom, and sticks to her like glue. He's convinced that he's God's Gift to Women and loves to preen. (His first words were "Damn, I'm cute!") He tries to help Shätzi, especially with cleaning, but usually ends up making a mess of things.
During Sorbet's rampage Schläger's more battle-savvy side emerged, thanks to his desire to protect Shätzi. His fighting instincts have begun to surface, and Drache has started teaching him battle techniques in preparation for joining the team on missions.

Bijou has settled well into her life with Team Gold-Fire, though she still has moments where she backslides into her old Slasher-Gang persona: loud and blustery, always trying to impress others.
Her gentler side has been allowed to flourish, and at the same time Bijou has gained much more confidence in herself after surviving the recent crisis with Sorbet. She's eager to prove herself and to improve the team's standing. Lately she's taken to hanging around with Team Soar's Talus, pestering him to spar with her. One wonders if she has ulterior motives...

A surprisingly capable, intelligent and powerful magikarp. No one but Shätzi knows much else about him, and neither of them are telling. The most Shätzi has revealed to Bijou is that Drache raised her and that he lived in Prismatic Jungle for a time.
Drache is fiercely, absolutely, utterly opposed to evolving into a gyarados.

Kindhearted but very firm, Shätzi is Drache's closest friend and faithful second in command. She fights a never-ending battle against filth and germs, and can't stand the thought of either. Mess is sure to get her back flaring and her fur bristling. Not much else bothers her aside from ghost stories. Shätzi doesn't like to talk about why they disturb her so badly, and avoids ghost types as best she can without offending them. She is nervous and fidgety around children, mostly because she's on tenterhooks waiting for the next mess they'll make, but does have a mothering streak.
Having evolved into the more-carnivorous quilava, Shätzi is having difficulties with her new predator instincts. She's at something of a loss for how to deal with them, never having had to reign in bloodlust before, but her kindheartedness has so far allowed her to assert a modicum of control.

Tumblr where you can ask the team questions: [link]
Written App: [link]
Previous Application: [link]
Awesome Art of Shätzi and Shikka: [link]

Personal NPCs
Blitzen and Riegel: [link]

3/18/12 - Traded M5 Accessory Voucher for Choke Chain.
4/17/12 - Team gets an evo scroll for doing event 4. I'll add it on later when I have time.
8/9/12 - Used evo-scroll from event 4 to allow evolution
8/16/12 - Updated picture after evolution
9/15/12 - Updated with missing members
9/25/12 - Changed back after noticing some difficulties it could potentially cause.
1/14/13 - updated with new application stuff, and earned evo scrolls/vouchers
2/11/13 - Task Update
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ivyshire Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"likes to thrash about" hahahahah! made my day! ;u;
Lol, well....he does. XD
FlamesVoices Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XwX Sorry about not asking, but Shlager and Shatzi were cameo'd, a little vaguely, just in case you didn't want them really seen there, but here: [link]
Hey, no, that's fine! ^^ Thanks!
Karitas94 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Aww -.- Already thought you were german, too.... but srsly.... I couldn't resist laughing first, when was reading dat german words xD

They *whistle* uhm...... you are still here? *Gack* Ehehehe uhm they fit pretty well xDDDD

No srsly i first had to laugh, but well... if i maybe call someone in leanguages you understand... you would sure laugh, too.

And if this is not too intimate: Why do you wanna learn german? :3
Very nice Art btw :3
Lol, well, there are names in english that are just words for things: like "rose" for example.

Well, I have some German blood on my mother's side and my aunt lived in Germany for a while. It's just something that interests me. =)
Karitas94 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha me for example. My parents came both from Russia :3 but i was born and grew up in germany.

And about dat words... i dunno why.... maybe because i am highly dorky..... or HS addicted.... or maybe da mix of it xD
"Dorky" doesn't have to be a bad thing. Lol
Karitas94 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed! It makes life so much funnier!
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